Keto Diet Pills

If you’re looking to learn more about keto diet pills, you’re in the right place. Below we’ve detailed everything that you need to know.

In today’s time’s people have become more conscious about their lifestyles. As a result, every year, more and more people are shifting towards healthier choices. That is why many new diets and supplements have come into being.

The ketogenic or keto diet is a low-carb diet that isn’t relatively new. However, it is still trendy, and many people opt for it. One of the reasons people go on this diet is that it helps initiate the ketosis state.

While the keto diet is highly beneficial because of many reasons, it comes with some drawbacks too. For example, most people find it difficult to keep up with their plans. Besides that, the diet can cause some displeasing health side effects.

However, now keto diet pills have come into being and are a prevalent supplement for many people. They can assist you by mimicking the ketogenic diet without the need for making dietary changes.

Keto Diet Pills

What are Keto Diet Pills?

If you have ever looked up the keto diet on the internet, you must have come across keto diet pills. You may have also heard of exogenous ketones, which may have you wondering what these things are. Luckily, you no longer have to.

Keto diet pills are supplements that assist your body in achieving ketosis. They are made up of various substances such as BHB salts and electrolytes like sodium and magnesium. The primary aim of these pills is to offer immediate energy to different body parts.

The keto diet pills raise the blood ketone levels in your body so that it reaches a particular value. When that happens, your body goes into ketosis and starts to use up fats rather than glucose. Thus, it mimics a ketogenic diet and can offer the various benefits that the diet provides.

On the market, you will find various brands of keto diet pills. They vary in taste and quality. However, the majority of the supplements are from a few suppliers only.

Sometimes you may also see term exogenous ketones associated with the diet pills. Typically, this is the general name for any ketone bodies that are made artificially in the lab. Endogenous ketones are the term for the same substances that your body produces naturally.

Why should I take Keto Diet Pills?

Here are situations that you can consume this supplement for and the best time for them:

For Clarity

Many people who suffer from brain fogs have found it helpful to consume keto diet pills. You can also have the supplements if you have trouble focusing on your work. When your brain does not have glucose as fuel, it can use energy from the ketones to function well.

Hence, if you’re looking to achieve clarity, you should pop a keto diet pill with your morning coffee or other beverage. During the night, you go into a fasting state which is why the following day is the best time to take the pill.

For Keto Sickness Or Flu

Many people who do the keto diet for the first time in their lives typically suffer from side effects. One of the prevalent ones is the keto flu or sickness. If you’re on the keto diet, you can tackle this issue with the help of keto diet pills.

By taking small servings of the pill throughout the day, you can prevent the blood ketone levels from spiking high. As a result, the risk of you getting sick because of your diet will be minimized.

To Enhance Physical Performance

Keto diet pills offer a steady and good energy supply to the brain, muscles, and heart. This is because fats have a higher calorific value and contain more energy than typical carbohydrates. Thus, when they are broken down into ketone bodies, the different body parts can receive higher energy.

Physical activities require relatively high amounts of energy. If you are taking the pill to improve your performance, you must have it at least an hour before the workout. It will help you achieve the best results by offering adequate energy.

For Losing Weight

It is no secret that the majority of people take keto diet pills to lose weight. This is because they can suppress appetite and encourage you to eat less. Thus, the best time to take the pill for this purpose is morning.

A study shows that people who take keto diet pills on an empty stomach experience 50% less hunger than those who have it after a meal. That is why morning is the best time because you will be in a fasting state already.

Besides that, you can also take the pill right before sleeping for the best results. However, you must make sure not to eat for at least a few hours before going to bed.

To Achieve Ketosis

One of the many reasons you may want to take the keto diet pill is to achieve ketosis. This is because it can help you provide adequate energy to conduct particular tasks. Besides that, it can assist you in burning fat.

If you intend to achieve ketosis, then once again, the best time to take the pill is when you are fasting. Thus, you may have the supplement in the morning before eating anything. Additionally, you can take it before going to sleep.

What is the best time of day to take Keto Diet Pills?

Typically, a keto diet pill works best when you have it on an empty stomach rather than after a meal. However, the timing can vary depending on your purpose of having the pill.

Do you need to follow Keto Diet when using Keto Pills?

Keto diet pills boost your blood ketone levels by providing more exogenous ketones. This indicates your body to burn fat instead of carbohydrates. To do this, the pills do not need to be paired with any diet. So no, you don’t need to follow the keto diet when taking the supplements.

However, if weight loss is your primary aim, it is recommended to pair the pills with the keto diet. That is because the supplement will be effective only to a certain extent unless you change your lifestyle. The nutrients in the tablets are not the same as the natural ones you get from healthy food items.

Thus, it is best to have keto pills when following the diet if you intend to lose weight. However, if you’re taking the supplements for other reasons, such as achieving ketosis, you don’t need to follow the keto diet. The pills work well without making dietary changes too.

What ingredients are in the Keto Diet Pills?

Keto diet pills contain various ingredients to assist people with their keto diets and help them manage their weights. Each supplier uses different elements for the pills.

However, some compounds are prevalent in most supplements. Here are the top ingredients that you can find in keto diet pills:

Exogenous Ketones

When your body receives ketones from a synthetic source, they are called exogenous. There are mainly two forms that come in this category. Here is what you need to know about them:

Ketone Esters

These are ketones that are attached to a chemical compound called an ester. Blood absorbs this form more readily than other ketones. That is why ketone esters allow humans to achieve ketosis promptly.

However, ketone esters have a horrible taste and can result in gastrointestinal distress. That is why they are not used for making the standard market keto diet pills.

Scientists use ketone esters for research purposes. Typically, they come in liquid and are not easy to store.

Ketone Salts

These are ketones that are attached typically to salt. This may be sodium, calcium, or magnesium. The keto diet pills that you will find on the market mainly contain ketone salts.

One of the reasons they are used in pills is that they taste better than the other type. Additionally, the production costs of ketone salts are relatively lower. Besides that, it is easier to store salts in the pills and capsules rather than esters.

Ketone salts typically come in powdered form, which is placed inside the supplement. Thus, people mix them with a beverage for consumption.


This is one of the ketones that our body makes naturally when in a ketosis state. Many keto diet pills contain BHB salts as they are highly effective for inducing ketosis. Thus, it allows your body to burn excess fat promptly.

There are many studies that prove the benefits of BHB. For example, in this 2017 study, some participants were given a drink containing BHB salts. Meanwhile, a control group was set up with those that got normal beverages.

According to the results, people who had the BHB had higher blood ketone levels over nine hours. Besides that, another research from 2018 has shown that BHB salts reduce the adverse effects of the keto diet. This is why this substance is found in almost all keto pills.

Medium-Chain Triglycerides (MCTs)

Medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) are well-known for accelerating the burning of fat in our bodies. As a result, many people rely on this compound’s supplements to lose weight faster. This is one of the reasons why most keto diet pills contain MCT oil as a primary ingredient.

MCT oil assist in ketosis and balances the fat-burning process to offer the best results. The substance is also effective for energizing you and stabilizing your appetite.

A study even shows that MCTs increase the levels of a hormone in our body that makes us feel full. As a result, you won’t find the need to eat repetitively, which assists with weight loss.

Besides that, another study also shows that having two tablespoons of MCT oil in the morning can decrease the overall caloric consumption of the day. This is the primary reason why keto diet pills contain MCTs in oil or other forms.

Green Tea

Many people consume green tea directly, too, because it helps with burning fat. Not only that, but many other dietary supplements contain this substance.

Keto diet pills also contain green tea as an additional ingredient. That is because they boost metabolism to assist with weight loss. Additionally, it provides energy that can be used for sports and other purposes.

Olive Oil

Once our body reaches the ketosis state, it requires certain nutrients to maintain the condition. One of the compounds that are needed in high quantity is monosaturated fats.

Olive oil contains a high quantity of monosaturated fats, which is why it is present in many different keto diet pills. The ingredient is also rich in antioxidants which further assist with the absorption of other nutrients.

Fish Oil

Typically, a keto diet requires the person to intake a high amount of good fats rather than carbohydrates. Omega 3-s is a type of fatty acid that helps with the intake of fats.

Fish oil contains high levels of Omega 3-s, which is why it is used to produce keto diet pills. The ingredient also offers additional health benefits which can improve the quality of your life. For instance, it helps in reducing inflammation and prevents brain fog.


Keto diet pills contain various electrolytes such as sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium, and much more. These are salts that are included in multiple dietary supplements.

When your body goes into ketosis, more salts are produced. This is why keto diet pills contain different electrolytes. They help to balance the quantity of salts in the body to ensure normal function.

Are Keto Diet Pills safe?

Keto diet pills are not FDA-approved, which is why many people consider them to be unsafe. However, that is a misconception because of a lack of knowledge. FDA is an organization that does not cover dietary supplements.

Thus, keto diets do not require approval from FDA or other health organizations. Instead, it is the supplier’s responsibility to ensure that the pills are safe for consumption.

Luckily, most brands in the market conduct appropriate tests before selling the pills. That is why you can be confident that the keto diet pills are safe for consumption.

However, keep in mind to consult your doctor before shifting to any specific brand. This is to avoid any mishaps if you are allergic or sensitive to one of the ingredients in the pill.

Additionally, you should never deviate from the typical dosage of the pill. As long as you follow the instructions correctly, the keto diet supplements will not cause you any harm or result in adverse side effects.

All the ingredients that the keto diet pills are considered safe by various health organizations. Besides that, consumers don’t complain of facing side effects after taking the supplement.

Where can you buy Keto Diet Pills?

There are many shops in New Zealand selling keto diet supplements and vitamins. Mighty Ape are one of the top distributors. Check out their range of keto diet pills, supplements and vitamins here.

How much do Keto Diet Pills cost?

The price of keto diet pills can vary significantly depending on the brand and platform you are getting them from. Typically, they range anywhere from $20 to $120.

How to get the best Keto Diet Pills?

Online suppliers mainly sell keto diet pills, and their number has increased significantly in a short time. While many of them are safe for consumption, some do not work.

Important factors

To get the best keto diet pill, you must consider certain important factors before making a purchase. Here are the top ones that will help you make an informed decision:


Many companies post positive reviews on their website, which can be unreliable. That is why you must check the authenticity of the supplier by conducting your own research.

One of the ways to see if the pill is reliable is by searching it on Google. After that, you can check reviews on different websites. Not all of them may be reliable, but they will still give you a clearer picture.


Health organizations do not regulate keto diet pills as they are dietary supplements. This is why you will have to research the ingredients to see if they are safe.

Earlier, we mentioned the primary ingredients that most keto diet pills contain. If you find them in the product you are considering, then rest assured it is safe.

However, if you find an unfamiliar ingredient in the pill description, we suggest you learn more about it. That is because some of them can be unsafe and cause harmful side effects.

Reputation Of The Company

There are numerous sellers on Amazon and other websites that sell keto diet pills. However, many of them make cheap supplements in Asian factories and then sell them to western markets at high prices. These companies can be unreliable and unsafe.

However, there are various suppliers that are registered with their country’s health organization. For example, if you are considering a brand from the US, then you should check if FDA recognizes it. They may also be GMS certified.

Our best recommendation is to research the company before placing an order. If you find their reputation up to expectation, only then should you get their keto diet pills.

Pill Description

Many companies put various claims about the pill in its description. For example, if a brand states that the supplement can do all your work, it is most likely exaggerating.

No pill can be fully effective without dietary changes or exercise. Thus, you should check for descriptions that have practical information. The brands that are honest with their details are the more reliable ones.

Side effects of using Keto Diet Pills

A great way to lose weight quickly is by using keto diet pills. However, these supplements can also pose some serious health risk if you do not know how they work and how many to consume at any given time.


The first side effect you can notice when taking a keto diet pill is nausea and vomiting. Many people who want to lose weight quickly end up turning towards these supplements however they might not realize that it can cause them to be sick. If this happens then the best thing you could do is stop using the supplement immediately and consult a nutritionist.

Another side effect you can notice if using keto diet pills is that it could lead to dizziness, headaches and fatigue. If this happens then the best thing to do would be stop taking them immediately and consult a doctor.

Muscle Weakness and Lack of Energy

Many people who want to lose weight quickly end up turning towards keto diet pills. However they do not realize that this can lead to muscle weakness and a lack of energy. If you feel any sort of side effects like these then the best thing would be to stop taking them and consult a nutritionist.


Heartburn is a common side effect of the keto diet pills. The body needs to get used to processing large amounts of fat, and it can take some time for your stomach to adjust. This typically subsides after about six weeks on the keto diet. If you experience heartburn often while eating low-carb foods, try limiting them until things calm down in your digestive tract.

Bad Breath

Lastly, another side effect you can notice when using keto diet pills is that it could lead to bad breath. If this happens then the best thing would be stop taking them and consult a doctor.

Final Words

That was your ultimate guide to keto diet pills. This diet has been in existence for many years and allows people to lose weight effectively. However, the keto diet comes with significant side effects that you can minimize and eliminate by taking the pills.

Keto diet pills can assist you in burning fat and fulfilling your weight loss objectives in due time. You do not need to follow a strict keto diet to take the supplements.

However, keep in mind that pills are only effective to a certain extent. If you want to enjoy the best results, you should complement your keto pills with a flexible diet plan. Once you do that, you will be able to achieve your goals with ease.