Keto Diet Books

While the internet is a significant source of information, many of us still read books to gain information. Keto diet books have become one of the most popular diet books in recent times. That is because many people experience successful weight loss after reading such books.

However, choosing the right keto diet books can be challenging. With so many options out there, you may have difficulty deciding how to choose the right one. If you are looking for keto diet books, you have come to the right place.

Here is your complete guide to choosing the right keto diet books and our top recommendations.

Choosing a Keto diet book

Here are some of the top factors you must consider before selecting keto diet books:

1. Keto Diet Type

Everyone is familiar that a keto diet is high in fats and low in carbs. However, that is not all because there are various types of keto diets you can choose from. The plan you choose can determine the keto book right for you.

Here are the top types of keto diets that can guide your diet book choice:

SKD (Standard Keto Diet)

The SKD consists of consuming twenty to fifty grams of carbs per day. You can consume a moderate amount of protein and a high amount of fats. The ideal SKD consists of 75% fats, 20% protein, and 5% carbs.

CKD (Cyclical Keto Diet)

The CKD is similar to the SKD, but you can add 150 grams of carbs on the seventh day of your diet to ensure you can easily follow the plans. There are cyclical plans that also allow individuals two days of high carb refeeding. It allows people to ease into the keto diet.

High-Protein Keto Diet

The high-protein keto diet is also similar to the SKD. However, it offers you more protein so that you can stay full for longer. In such a diet, the ideal macro ratio is 60% of fats, 35% protein, and 5% carbs.

TKD (Targeted Keto Diet)

Finally, the TKD is also similar to the SKD. However, it allows individuals to eat more carbs during their workouts. For example, you can eat additional carbs half an hour or an hour before you plan to work out.

2. Keto Book Type

There are endless keto diet books on the market that come in various types. You can choose the one that is easiest for you to follow. Here are some of the top types of keto books you will find:

Beginner Books

If you are new to keto diets, you can opt for books best for beginners. They offer a comprehensive explanation of eating and following a meal plan that will suit your needs. That is because many beginners have issues with following the keto lifestyle.

A beginner keto diet book will have easy recipes and tips and tricks for you to follow to make the journey easier. So, such books are also ideal for people who don’t have much time to cook on a keto diet.

Extensive Books

These keto diet books are some of the most comprehensive ones you will find out there. They offer each information in detail to ensure you understand what the keto diet is all about. For example, extensive keto diet books will offer you keto benefits, tips, how you must follow it, and much more.

Some of the most detailed keto diet books contain a hundred recipes. However, many books will offer you over two-hundred recipes to ensure you have as much variety as possible for each meal.

Cuisine-Specific Books

Cuisine-specific books will emphasize the keto diet meal plans depending on a specific cuisine. For example, you will find keto diet books according to breakfast meals, appetizers, desserts, etc. These books are ideal for people who struggle with a certain cuisine in keto.

If you love having desserts and don’t know how to modify them according to keto, you can always opt for a keto diet book that teaches desserts. In the same way, you can choose from other cuisines if you don’t know where to start. It will help you create your favorite foods without compromising on flavor.

3. Features

All keto diet books will differ in their features they offer to customers. Here are some of the top features you must look for when purchasing keto diet books:

Basic Overview

All keto diet books offer a basic overview of what they are all about. For example, what type of keto plans they have and the type of book it is. Many also come with a glossary of some of the most important terms to help you get started with the diet.


Are you someone who likes to go through the information that is easy to read and grasp? If you are, then keto diet books with charts might be the most helpful for you. There are keto diet books that offer the carb content of the most common foods everyone purchases to help you understand what you consume.

Meal Plans

While many keto diet books offer the main principles and recipes, there are also many that will offer you a comprehensive meal plan. These plans also include grocery shopping lists to make it easier for the person to follow the diet plan. If you don’t like cooking and don’t know how to follow a keto plan, you can purchase keto diet books that offer meal plans.

4. Pricing

Pricing is a make-or-break factor for many people purchasing keto diet books. You can expect a keto diet book to range from anywhere between $10 and $50. E-books or kindle books are much more affordable than regular books as they will not cost you more than $20.

Besides that, the hardcover books come in a spiral bind to allow you to lay them flat. Such books can range anywhere from $20 and $50. You can choose a keto diet book depending on all other factors and your budget.

The top Keto Diet Books in 2021

You have come to the right place if you are looking for the top keto diet books in 2021. We have researched for you to save your time and effort. Here are the top keto diet books everyone can benefit from:

1. Simply Tasty Ketogenic And InstaKETO Bundle

Losing weight doesn’t have to be expensive. The Simply Tasty Ketogenic and InstaKETO Bundle is the ideal choice for you because it offers the top two keto diet books in 2021. Let us break down both books for you in detail.

The Simply Tasty Ketogenic Book offers:

  • Twenty-two breakfast keto recipes
  • Twenty-three soup and salad recipes
  • Twenty-two lunch recipes
  • Ten appetizer recipes
  • Twenty-two dinner recipes
  • Nineteen side dish recipes
  • Ten keto stew recipes
  • Twelve crockpot recipes
  • Ten dessert recipes
  • And much more

Each category offer recipes that are fantastic for a wide range of people and taste buds. So, no matter what you prefer, you will find a recipe. On the other hand, the InstaKETO book offers the best meal ideas you can cook in your pressure cooker or instant pot.

There are fifty recipes in the book that will make your keto journey easy. Here is everything the book includes:

  • Beginners guide for cooking with a pressure cooker or instant pot
  • Ten breakfast keto recipes
  • Ten meat recipes
  • Ten seafood and fish recipes
  • Nine side dish recipes
  • Eleven soup recipes

The bundle is one of the best free keto cookbooks you will ever get. They will make your journey smooth in no time to help your body enter ketosis efficiently.

keto diet books
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2. Keto Diet Hacks By Lindsay Boyers

Are you struggling to make the keto diet fit your lifestyle? If you are, then Keto Diet Hacks is the ideal book for your needs. You will find two-hundred shortcuts in the book to ensure that the keto journey you follow fits your lifestyle.

The problem many people encounter during keto is sustainability, as they struggle to commit to it long-term. People find it one of the most restrictive and difficult diets to stick to. If you feel the same way, Boyers’s book will offer you insight into keto like never before.

The solutions that Boyers offers will ensure that you can easily navigate the keto diet without giving up your favorite foods. Besides that, the author ensures that the keto diet is not that stressful for you. So, it will help you ensure your overall well-being with keto without the additional stress in the long run.

Buy Hacks By Lindsay Boyers book here.

3. Keto Air Fryer Cookbook By Maria Emmerich

If you want to create the most delicious keto meals using your air fryer, there is no better option than this book. It has all the keto diet meals you will need to cook in the air fryer. There are amazing health benefits to switching to an air fryer for your meals.

That is because the air fryer uses less oil and decreases the number of calories and oil you consume. It is a much better alternative to frying your food the regular way. The cookbook is also a great option for people who don’t have the time to create proper meals.

Air fryers are easy to use, and they don’t take long to cook food. So, this is one of the best books for people on the go following a keto diet. You will find all kinds of recipes, from roasted vegetables to chicken wings, seafood, and much more.

Buy Keto Air Fryer Cookbook by Maria book here.

4. Southern Keto By Natasha Newton

If you love Southern food and don’t want to give it up on your keto diet, the good news is that you don’t have to. Thanks to Southern Keto by Natasha Newton, you will have all the keto-friendly versions of Southern recipes. These include everything from sausage gravy to biscuits and much more.

The book contains more than a hundred Southern recipes you can create daily. Besides that, there are also grocery lists to help make your Southern keto shopping easier. You can also use the lists to understand the recipes that will suit your dietary preferences and needs.

So, if you are not ready to give up your Southern lifestyle yet for keto, be sure to purchase this keto diet book. You can also check out the keto recipe blog of the author for more recipes. Natasha Newton is well-known for her recipes.

Buy Southern Keto by Natasha Newton book here.

5. Simply Keto By Suzanne Ryan

The journey of Suzanne Ryan is fantastic because she lost significant weight after following a strict keto diet. She also runs a blog where you will find many of her keto recipes outside the book. Of course, the book Simply Keto is one of the best keto diet books for beginners.

The book contains more than a hundred recipes that will make your journey simple. Besides that, you will find information on how to follow a keto diet and why it is the best option to lose weight. The book also contains meal plans you can follow and incorporate into your keto routine.

Many people have found success in losing weight through her keto book, and you can too. She makes the world of keto simple and easy for someone who is new to it. So, don’t forget to check out her book.

Buy the Simply Keto by Suzanne Ryan book here.

6. Keto Diet By Josh Axe

Do you want to understand the science behind the keto diet in detail while having a solid plan? If you do, then the Keto Diet by Josh Axe is the ideal choice for you. The author explains why a keto diet may work for some people and not others.

Josh Axe is a nutritionist, chiropractor, and naturopath, which is why he has all the information you need to follow a keto diet. The book includes lifestyle tips, keto recipes, shopping lists, and much more. It is one of the most extensive resources for someone who is new to keto and doesn’t know where to begin.

The thirty-day keto plan is a realistic one set out by Josh Axe. He believes that it offers enough time to the body to adjust to this ketogenic shift and adapt more easily. Of course, the book also contains information on how to plan your keto diet once your body is used to it.

Buy Dr. Ash Axe’s Keto Diet book here.

7. The Wholesome Yum Easy Keto Cookbook By Maya Krampf

Wholesome Yum is a highly popular blog for keto recipes. Maya Krampf runs the blog, and it led to her creating this cookbook. In the cookbook, Krampf shares keto recipes that you can create for the entire family.

The best part is that you need ten or fewer ingredients, which makes the recipes easy to create. For example, there are kid-friendly recipes as well, such as chicken fingers and breadsticks. This is the perfect book if you want your family to jump on the keto diet bandwagon with you.

Of course, even if you don’t have a family, you can still purchase the keto diet book. The recipes are easy, wholesome, and offer the best comfort foods you can indulge in. It is an example of how you don’t have to give up your favorite foods on the keto diet.

Buy Maya Krampf’s Yum Easy Keto Cookbook here.

8. The Dirty, Lazy, Keto No Time To Cook Cookbook By William And Stephanie Laska

Stephanie Laska is a co-author of this book, and she lost 140 lbs by following the dirty and lazy keto diet. Of course, the best part is that she lost significant weight on keto even while indulging in low-carb beers, diet coke, and much more. The book is a prime example of how you can twist the ketogenic diet rules to your liking and still lose weight.

The cookbook includes more than a hundred recipes you can easily make in under thirty minutes. The best part is that all the recipes include ingredients that you will easily find. All keto beginners will benefit from the book as it will ensure that you can approach the keto diet realistically.

However, you must also remember to understand the quality of the food you eat, even with such an easy cookbook. After all, you have to stay healthy above anything else. Of course, the occasional indulgent recipe using this cookbook is no big deal.

Buy William’s & Stephanie Laska’s Keto Cookbook here.

9. The Keto Diet By Leanne Vogel

If you are following the keto diet, you must also follow Leanne Vogel. She is one of the most popular bloggers and podcasters of the keto diet. Besides that, Vogel is a holistic nutritionist.

If you want to understand keto in-depth, her book is one of the best purchases to make. She offers you a comprehensive look into the diet and offers meal plans and recipes to help you through this journey. The book has immense information, which will offer you the motivation you need to stay consistent with keto.

The Keto Diet includes more than a hundred recipes you can easily follow to maintain your ketogenic state. So, if you are interested in keto and looking to learn more about it, you must take a look at the book.

Buy Leanne Vogel’s Keto book here.

10. Anti-Inflammatory Keto Cookbook By Victoria Green

Did you know that the food and nutrition you take is essential to ensuring how your body defends against inflammation? For example, your immune system detects a foreign invader and activates instantly, which triggers inflammation in the body. While some inflammation is okay, too much of it can lead to damage inside the body and cause heart diseases, diabetes, and much more.

So, if you are someone who is concerned about developing chronic inflammation, you must include it in your keto diet that fights inflammation. The keto diet book offers the best substitutes for you to ensure that your body doesn’t create more inflammation. For example, it shows you how you can swap saturated fats for healthy oils and protein sources.

The book contains more than a hundred recipes for you to begin your journey. The meal plan in the book is for two weeks and contains a grocery list to help you shop for everything you require in this diet. If you are concerned about inflammation issues on keto, this is the perfect book for you.

Buy Victoria’s Anti-Inflammatory Keto Cookbook book here.

11. Easy Keto Desserts By Carolyn Ketchum

While we have shown you many keto cookbooks, Easy Keto Desserts is an essential book to have if you love sweets. It includes more than 60 keto dessert recipes that will help you stay on track while having your favourites. The book also lists ingredients and everything else you will require to execute these baking recipes in no time.

Carolyn Ketchum’s recipes will help you understand how to create low-carb baked goods and still enjoy a delicious item. The book is ideal for beginner and advanced bakers as it breaks down each keto recipe in a simple manner. So, enjoy keto baked goods with this book in no time.

Buy Easy Keto Desserts by Carolyn here.

12. Squeaky Clean Keto By Melissa Sevigny

Finally, we have the Squeaky Clean Keto book that shares an entirely new meaning of eating clean on keto. The book offers over 160 clean keto recipes that will boost your health. You will not feel like indulging in processed foods, and you will love eating a clean yet simple diet.

Keep in mind that the recipes in this cookbook avoid nuts, grains, sweeteners, and dairy. According to the author, such foods can trigger inflammation in the body. So, if you want to eat clean, you must check out this fantastic keto diet book.

Check out Melissa’s Squeaky Clean Keto book here at Paper Plus.

Final Words

That was your complete guide on the top keto diet books in 2021 for beginner keto individuals and advanced ones. Each keto diet book is unique and offers you a fresh perspective and endless recipes you will love to make. You can purchase one book or a few, depending on the types of food you like to eat and your budget.

Our top recommendation is the Simply Tasty Ketogenic and InstaKETO Bundle. It is one of the best solutions for beginners who want to learn how to create the best recipes with simple ingredients. Both the books will help you kickstart your keto journey on the right foot.